Dear diary,

Hi-yumm. School was okay la. Hmm. Actually i have nothing to update. Gahaha. Okay baii.


Lets get crazieeee…..

Hi-yumm. Okay fine i know its my fault for not updating my wordpress. Sorryyy. Whatever it is i don’t care. Teehee. So far school is giving me alot of projects. Mannn. I hate it alot. Tsk. :/ One is FYP and the other one is java. Damnn. I hate java ttm. Like srsly. No lies bro. Hais. I hate school. I really need my term break. Three weeks of school holidays is gna be so freaking great. Like hell yeah. Gahahaha. Okay bai.

Everyday i shock, SHOCK!

Hi bro. Today school was okay. Reached school @ 10.30. Baik sampai class je cikgu pun da abis ajar. -.-” Eh alamak kelaka pe. Hahaha. Kkay. Today we didn’t learnt much today. As usual idol maid for me. DAEBAK! L.O.L Okay i wna watch amazing race. Bye-yum.

Soo beautiful my girl.

Hi-yummm. Sorry for not updating my wordpress. Kinda busy. 🙂 Currently im doing nothing. Just wating for ‘DUJUN’ to come back home from madr. Heehee. Ohh yes, lil bro just bought psp yesterday. Happy la tuh. Gahahaha. 😀 SUPER HAPPY! Lol. Can’t wait for term break. I really need that break. Ohh pls. :/ Really need to rest and STUDY FOR EXAM! Geez. Ahhhhhhh! Okay baii.

I`m flying like a g6

Yoooo! P.e was awesome.  Really awesome.  So yeah i battled with eddy and kumar.  They play cheat lor.  Always  smack the shutter cock. Ishh. Cheater sia. Whatever. Class test was okay. Not that difficult. ^-^ OPEN BOOK! I cheat sikit je. Heehee. And yes i’m currently listening and downloading songs. I’m in AJ mood. Okay i wna watch ‘Dancing shoes’ mv again. HAHAHA! AJ rambut panjang cute gilaaaaaa~ Okay baii. 

I can’t breathe.

Yooooooooooo. Today school was okay. NOT! MACAM TAIKK! Lol. Kay kay srs. I hate networking class la. Its like maths class sia. Everything numbers. Grrr. Ala whatever la. Okay baii. -.-

Ohh plsssssssssss. :/

Annyeong. School was kinda bored. So yeah i came to school 1.5 hour late. Yez. SUPER SUPER LATE! Ohh well, who cares. Even my teacher dont care if his student are late. 🙂 As usuall every friday we had to continue our projects. So far my group is okay, tak de orang yang perangai. /thumbs up/ So yeah end school at 11 then home sweet home. Short post. Okay baii.