Dear diary,

Hi-yumm. School was okay la. Hmm. Actually i have nothing to update. Gahaha. Okay baii.

Lets get crazieeee…..

Hi-yumm. Okay fine i know its my fault for not updating my wordpress. Sorryyy. Whatever it is i don’t care. Teehee. So far school is giving me alot of projects. Mannn. I hate it alot. Tsk. :/ One is FYP and the other one is java. Damnn. I hate java ttm. Like srsly. No lies bro. Hais. I hate school. I really need my term break. Three weeks of school holidays is gna be so freaking great. Like hell yeah. Gahahaha. Okay bai.

Everyday i shock, SHOCK!

Hi bro. Today school was okay. Reached school @ 10.30. Baik sampai class je cikgu pun da abis ajar. -.-” Eh alamak kelaka pe. Hahaha. Kkay. Today we didn’t learnt much today. As usual idol maid for me. DAEBAK! L.O.L Okay i wna watch amazing race. Bye-yum.

Soo beautiful my girl.

Hi-yummm. Sorry for not updating my wordpress. Kinda busy. 🙂 Currently im doing nothing. Just wating for ‘DUJUN’ to come back home from madr. Heehee. Ohh yes, lil bro just bought psp yesterday. Happy la tuh. Gahahaha. 😀 SUPER HAPPY! Lol. Can’t wait for term break. I really need that break. Ohh pls. :/ Really need to rest and STUDY FOR EXAM! Geez. Ahhhhhhh! Okay baii.

I`m flying like a g6

Yoooo! P.e was awesome.  Really awesome.  So yeah i battled with eddy and kumar.  They play cheat lor.  Always  smack the shutter cock. Ishh. Cheater sia. Whatever. Class test was okay. Not that difficult. ^-^ OPEN BOOK! I cheat sikit je. Heehee. And yes i’m currently listening and downloading songs. I’m in AJ mood. Okay i wna watch ‘Dancing shoes’ mv again. HAHAHA! AJ rambut panjang cute gilaaaaaa~ Okay baii. 

I can’t breathe.

Yooooooooooo. Today school was okay. NOT! MACAM TAIKK! Lol. Kay kay srs. I hate networking class la. Its like maths class sia. Everything numbers. Grrr. Ala whatever la. Okay baii. -.-

Ohh plsssssssssss. :/

Annyeong. School was kinda bored. So yeah i came to school 1.5 hour late. Yez. SUPER SUPER LATE! Ohh well, who cares. Even my teacher dont care if his student are late. 🙂 As usuall every friday we had to continue our projects. So far my group is okay, tak de orang yang perangai. /thumbs up/ So yeah end school at 11 then home sweet home. Short post. Okay baii.

I love 17 Feb 2011

Hi-yummmmmm. School was freaking awesome. Firstly we had lunch at lot 1. So after lunch we headed back to school. At first we had dry networking theory. Ohhmy i hate networking subject. I can die man. Srsly. We have to calculate like five ip address for five pc. Tak ke gile namenye tuh. Grrrrr. 😡 Kay whatever. So yeah i had a fun time poking hafizah. Lol. I just love her reaction. She really make me laughed like one crazy bitch. Hahaha. Okay im laughing by the way. I cant help myself. /HAHAHAHA/

Down down we gotta get down.

Wassssssssup! Today school was like shit. Srsly. Didn’t play p.e due to some reasons. ^^ I need to confess one thing. I HATE MARY!!! YES! THE WHOLE CLASS HATES MARY! I don’t even know why my HOD choose her as our p.e teacher. Damn. Tskk. Ahhhhhh! Forget it kay. So yeah as usual after lunch we played monopoly deal. Heehee. Its kinda fun but when it comes to cheating i srsly hate it. Like srsly. Oh well, whatever it is i dont care. Ishh ape aku bobual nie. Lolololololol. Okay baii~


School was okay. Didn’t have alot fun, unlike yesterday. Tskk. So yeah school ended at three. Went home with even felicia and goff. Reached home around 3.45pm. Bath, eat lunch and watch invicible youth and ohmysch. Omo ohmysch was super fun. Cant stop laughing. Kekeke. So now im watching tv with lil bro. And i dont know what to do. Okay baii~